Outdoor controller enclosure with outlet?

I’m building a pool controller with a number of devices i need to put in a weather tight box. I plan to add a power transformer to power most of it (nodeMCU, sensors, etc.). However i will need 2 Power Over Ethernet (PoE) devices that have to get plugged into 120V outlets. I can hard wire these by clipping the plugs and connecting to a terminal - but wondering if installing a single outlet inside the box wouldn’t be cleaner.

I can clearly get outdoor outlet enclosures but i’m looking to put a single outlet inside a larger outdoor enclosure that will house the rest of my devices. Is this as simple as an standard metal outlet box inside the large enclosure? Can’t imagine there will be a heat dissipation issue but you never know.

Always need to check local code for local requirements for power wiring. Also, I’m not an electrician. I’d be surprised if there were any local restrictions preventing you from using a metal work box inside an appropriate weatherproof enclosure. (The national codes generally, including NEC, are really generally thoughtfully constructed; sometimes local restrictions get a little odd and I’ve heard of restrictions that are based on archaisms or are just bad, though I can’t recall examples off the top of my head.)

I would expect that any box (for voltage separation as well as mounting outlets) inside a NEMA 3, 3R, 4, or higher enclosure would be fine from a safety standpoint. Normally we tuck outlet boxes into enclosed spaces in walls, and if your outlet is producing meaningful heat you have a much larger wiring problem.

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For projects like this I use junction boxes. They come in various sizes.

I would use an offline switcher module for 120vac to DC. You can get them in small packages and various voltages. https://amzn.to/3oRxQbr

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Good stuff thanks.

I’ve been looking at some boxes where I can mount a din rail. It’s a bit over the top but seems lots of devices have din mounting options including 5v power supplies.

Designing the enclosure seems to always be harder than the solution itself!

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Example: waterrpoof outdoor lighting controller with power supplies:

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