Out of curiosity - shall we add localized Communities too? Like 3d Printing Germany,

Out of curiosity - shall we add localized Communities too? Like 3d Printing Germany, etc

meh. I don’t care for nationalities. Some people might care about languages. So a “3D Druck” community might appeal to people who don’t speak English, but I’d think most makers do anyway.

That’s a general misconception - we Nerds != general Makers :frowning:

I saw it happening A LOT in different UserGroups/Mailinglists, especially nowadays where we open up the market to Mr/Mrs Joe Average.

And i don’t want to exclude them, i find their enthusiasm refreshing

The activity level here is not high enough to separate it in such groups. Unless you are Chinese I think internet is a bit unusable if you don’t understand English?

In G+ is ok to see posts in other languages, I just right click and choose Translate. In other places I can’t read them cause I have to copy paste the text of each post into Google to have it translated. If we can use an easy way to translate in English any foreign language, then go ahead. Otherwise, I would suggest explaining people how to translate their own texts into English and post them here.

Oh i don’t know, we have a PRETTY active german Internet and you could browse through it all day without ever having to read an english word. I see what you mean by Level of Activity dough - will repropose it in a few months

I’m on Chrome, on this community. I see a post typed in Russian. I right click on the text, then chose Translate into English. I have just re-installed my Win7 and just downloaded Chrome, with no additional plugins.

Stable or Dev?

I have the same translate function in chrome, but it always just translate to english. Even when i click on an english word it suggests me to translate to english.
But translating to a different language seems not possible with the chrome function.
Personally i use the dict plugin for chrome. With that i get an popup if i mark words in foreign languages.

It is not easy for me to follow English discussions and even more difficult to actively participate. I would prefer a community in the German language.

I’d hate to miss something cool just because it’s not in English (even though I can’t read any other (human) language, I’ll suffer through machine translation).

It’d be neat to see the translate text function added to whole groups like how “translate website to English” works when you Google search a foreign website. Wouldn’t be perfect but it’d help

@Jeff_Karpinski I’m on Chrome too (not the same as Chromium), and also have this functionality. No translation plugins or anything whatsoever.

Here’s how it works:

How about this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/right-click-and-translate/gcgilaljhajcjdbgdoidofbjonkjikfm?hl=en