Our Maker page is up on the official Maker Faire website.

Our Maker page is up on the official Maker Faire website. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oct 1 and 2 is also New York Maker Faire. Interesting.
This seems to be the result of the coil winder thing in CP in case anyone was wondering.

Huh, did that post into ChiliPeppr group? oops, sorry about that. I meant to post into my general Google+. Didn’t mean to put off-topic stuff in here. Anyway, yeaa. All the things I’ve been posting about are in support of our Coilgun project for San Diego Maker Faire. The above Maker page has a link to our Project Website where you can see all the latest progress for anyone interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and if you were referring to “Craig’s coil winder”, that’s not related to this.

Yes it did. I took a moment to read through and figure out if it was spam or not. Eventually I found some CP references. Ideally I’d ask you to elaborate a little bit on the Chilipeppr side of the project in your post here.

I can remove the post if you want. It was purely an accident. But I guess it is sort of relevant if anyone was interested to see what we were able to accomplish using CP. All the circuit boards and all the plastic bits that hold the project together were done using CP. Maybe next year I can bring the CNC mill to the fair and show that off along with CP. Last year I noticed a distinct and saddening lack of anything CNC milling at the faire but an overabundance of 3D printers (yes they’re technically CNC too). :stuck_out_tongue:

All good, just wanted some context here for anyone else reading.