Our friends from Bocusini  are launching their Kickstarter Campaign now! Plug n Play FoodPrinting!

Our friends from @Bocusini are launching their Kickstarter Campaign now!

Plug n Play FoodPrinting!

Hope i can lay hands on one extruder soon and get one to @Thomas_Sanladerer for testing with the Play

World first? What about fab@home and all the commercial industrial machines that have done food printing for years?
I have not seen the video yet, perhaps they explain it there.

Does it fit the Play?

@Thomas_Sanladerer should - they offer a play as pledge.

@Peter_Hertel plug n play too? Like in Chefs can do it, not Makers? :wink:

@Nils_Hitze You lost me at “cartridges”, but won me back with retrofitting and refilling cartridges. Sounds a lot better after I watched the video.
Would it be possible to build the printhead itself as well? It looks printed.

@Peter_Hertel afaik it is printed - but lemme ask em directly

@Peter_Hertel “It’s an OpenSource concept. CAD files plus parts list of the electronics will be published”

I can vouch for this since I just designed the (beta) metal version – informed by my own work on paste extruders and printing paste/clay/etc.

I agreed to work with them on the project only if I could open source the printer hardware portion (my part of the deal). They happily agreed.

I ordered off the shelf syringes from Amazon and tested them in the extruder - works great… Although any questions on final form factor will have to go through them. I’m just manufacturing the printers and the print head. Right now I’m using printed cartridge holders so it’s flexible for different sizes.

This product is really about the food!! These folks have deep experience in food science - back with confidence that we will get the hardware right and they will get the food right.

Fun stuff.


@Brook_Drumm and i vouch for you since I’ve connected you folks or at least annoyed you into collaboration :slight_smile:

I loved their approach and flexibility with me. I’m so busy, I’m often misinterpreted – no annoyance at all. I get a front row seat to this fascinating niche as it gains momentum.


@Brook_Drumm leave me the illusion of having played a role in this

I like the simplicity of it over some other designs. Looks like the y axis is just reversed and flipped upside down, so that you can mount it on the other side. I like the idea of just flipping it over and changing the motor connector to the board to switch from plastic to food.

Unofficially: The version I am working on for them is metal and even simpler. It mounts to the Simple and the Play in place of the extruder- no other mods. My version (again, not yet confirmed), uses a regular nema17 motor and a couple of gears to eliminate overheating and offer more power. It has a heater too… Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

I have released my first paste extruder, sold a few, released the files as open source, and stopped selling it because I wanted to do it in metal and use gears to up the power. They contacted me and I am thrilled to work with a company that had some neat ideas, software, and a deep experience with food science. It’s pretty cool as a complete package!