Our first update #1 on Kickstarter! "First week-end",

Our first update #1 on Kickstarter! “First week-end”, check it out


Now that’s how a kickstarter should be done. I’ve got a couple question about the cartridges, though:
a) How much will a cartridge cost and what amount of filament does it contain?
b) What’s the process of refilling one? Are the standard cartridges refillable?

Hi Thomas,

Here are your answers :
a) around 0.9lb (a it less) J. Cartridges will be at market price

b) standard cartridges are not refillable. Only refillable cartridges are.

Ok since I didn’t find this in skimming:

What advantage does using a cartridge provide to the user?


First it is easier to install, anyone can do it in a glance. And it protects the PLA from moisture.