Our first 3D printer! The Soap01!

(emiliano dario) #1

Our first 3D printer! The Soap01!

(ThantiK) #2

Tear into this one guys! My first observations: Rendering only, no working model to be shown, no output to be shown, looks like there is going to be a kickstarter before any other product has ever come to market from them which is an immediate red-flag… they’re a reseller of 3DS machines, which means 3DS can strongarm them if their toes are stepped on. Price range is also 300-500 euro, too small for a successful kickstarter.

(Evan Nguyen) #3

So it just prints soap? What is the practical application?

(Carlton Dodd) #4

How about just 3D printing a mold and making your custom soap out of scraps that way? Then you have a 3D printer you can print other things with!