Our community keep growing at fast pace, thank you all for sharing and helping,

Our community keep growing at fast pace, thank you all for sharing and helping, we are creating nice source of informations for everybody to enjoy. (+500 members in the last 3 months)
Today I create new categories, please select the appropriate one when posting. (I was away for the last month, but i will try to read all posts and comments to sort the post into the right categories).

comment field for stat purpose:
creation date, birthday 7/11/2014
community reach 100 members on 12/2/2015
community reach 200 members on 11/5/2015
community reach 300 members on 16/7/2015
community reach 400 members on 9/9/2015
community reach 500 members on 16/10/2015
community reach 800 members on 5/1/2016
community reach 900 members on 25/1/2016
community reach 1000 members on 7/2/2016
community reach 1250 members on 25/3/2016
community reach 1500 members on 6/5/2016
community reach 1750 members on 17/6/2016
community reach 2000 members on 3/8/2016
community reach 2250 members on 15/9/2016

general Relativity

Wonder how many of these have been sold?

Figuring 25% lurkers, we’ve got about 1875 K40 owners here. I’d expect 90% PLUS go looking for help online, most will land here eventually, because none of the other forums compare as far as K40 knowledge goes.

Not to mention that the people are as friendly here as any forum I have ever visited.

The K40 sellers should put our site address on the “instructions manual”

On the other hand I have looked through here before turning mine on, and 3 days later still haven’t dared turn it on in case I have not checked some wire yet, somewhere :wink:

But when you do finally fire it up, chances are good you won’t blow your tube in the 1st 15 minutes as as happened to many owners less safety and detail conscious than you.

The time you are spending now making sure things are right will be repaid with years of productive lasing.

You’re are already a success story, and what this place is all about. Soon enough. YOU will be explaining how it’s done to a new K40 owner.

Welcome to the best group on the internet.


Can anyone help me with my k40 lazer engraver machine cannot install software that came with it

What specifically is the problem?
Be detailed, the more we know, the easier the fix.

This should probably moved to a thread of it’s own.