Our ALL METAL hotend is shipping NOW! Order it now, it ships TOMORROW.

Our ALL METAL hotend is shipping NOW! Order it now, it ships TOMORROW.

(some caveats - see below before ordering)

The parts look and perform really really nicely, extrusion is smooth and easy as well as precise and immediate. Cooling is also really good, with the extruder running at 230 printing ABS over a 110C heatbead I can hold my finger on the heatsink which is only 2.3mm away from the heater-block and it feels barely above ambient. I have taken the hotend to a temperature higher than I can measure, at this temperature I can freely feed in PLA, but it exits the nozzle in a powerful jet of vapour instead of liquid plastic. I can still hold the heatsink in my hands while doing this.

We have two kinks in our supply chain - 30mm fans have not arrived in quantity and we have had to make a last minute amendment to the printed fan-mount which we are printing as many as we can as fast as we can - but still can’t keep up with demand, which has taken us by surprise, we really didn’t expect this many preorders.

So, we can ship you a hotend tomorrow, but only if you supply your own fan and a way to point said fan at the heatsink. Cooling is required for this hotend. £3 discount for this option!

To all our early adopters - THANKYOU. Your orders are our absolute priority, Dave and I have been working literally from sunrise to sunset to get these to you ASAP. All our early adopters (except a handful placed in the last few days) who have placed an order will have their items dispatched in the next 2-3 days maximum - most going out tomorrow. Those who have ordered in the last few days will ship by Friday when the next batch of fans arrive.

Videos going up of some printing tonight with ABS and PLA - just a teaser, tomorrow I will show off printing Polycarbonate, Nylon, PVA. I am trying to find some PEEK and FEP that I can extrude - Maybe I can print a J-Head?

More updates to follow.

Look great and awesome price. We will definitely consider it for our next printer project.

I’m super excited to get my three!

Can’t find the nozzle diameter on you’re site? Happy to see you now have 1.75mm size. I’m very close to order a couple :slight_smile:

@Tom_Oyvind_Hogstad - I found it in the downloads section on the engineering drawing. http://i.imgur.com/y1e8wn1.png

Looks like it’s .4mm

Yay! Really looking forward to playing with these. All metal hot ends are the way of the future, and yours seems like a very good design.

I love the bit about making the PLA evaporate while still being cool enough to hold in your hand. I wonder how bad vaporized PLA is for you…

Hahaha, a “heavy overtone of burning diesel”. Yes… I would guess that’s not very good for you.