Originally shared by Tom Øyvind Hogstad Do or do not... there is no try.

Originally shared by Tom Øyvind Hogstad

Do or do not… there is no try.

That’s cool! My efforts so far have been limited to the Yoda head on Thingiverse; is that where this model is from?

Excellent, thanks!

Nicely done. No support?

No support. Straight out of the printer and on to a flashlight :slight_smile:

really great! bmoshe actually modeled an entire Yoda that was amazing, and my colleague at the time Isaac met him at Siggraph and talked him into posting the bust. He was right, at the time – the bust was the right model for everyone to print. But man, I wish bmoshe would post the entire model again now!

That would be nice. Printing have clearly advanced since the original bust. Would be fun to print :slight_smile:

Next step: Print a Lithopane!

That is actually a great idea @Marcus_Wolschon :slight_smile: