Originally shared by TeamDogoman Rc Hi! So i just finished designing a part i

Originally shared by TeamDogoman Rc

Hi! So i just finished designing a part i need to fix my rc car, and i put it in Cura and it end up like this!?
The first pic is what its supposed to look like and the second on is what it looks like when i go into layers. Does anyone know what is wrong? is there any way to fix this problem? ( and its not the first time its happened)

Did you move the slider on the right side?

That’s usually what will happen if the part isn’t manifold. Try putting it through netfabb to fix it, that tends to be enough.

Netfabb cloud has apparently moved since the last time I used it (and Microsoft bought it), but this is what I’m talking about: https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/

@Stephen_Baird Thanks! Yah i ended up going back to sketchup and turns out there was a tiny gap that i did not notice.

@Stephen_Baird How do you use it? I clicked the link you gave me and this is all it shows. I clicked the “Sign In” button but that does nothing :frowning:


You may need to allow popups for the site, when you click the login button it brings up a pop-up page for you to sign in with a microsoft account.

…you didn’t used to have to do that, but now that microsoft owns it… well…

You can also download the desktop version of netfabb here: http://www.netfabb.com/downloadcenter.php?basic=1

It’s not too tough to use, you just want to load up the model, do the automated repair, then save it.

@Stephen_Baird Thanks! Ill try that. (already have another model that cura won’t slice :frowning: )

If you are using Sketchup then the extension Solid Inspector is an absolute must have