Originally shared by Sébastien Mischler (skarab) iTopie RepRap : All done,

Originally shared by Sébastien Mischler (skarab)

iTopie RepRap : All done, first run soon!



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Nice looking machine! Are you planning to glue or screw the tabs or just friction fit?

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screw and glue but screw only is fine, see the first chapter of the build manual : https://drive.google.com/viewerng/viewer?url=https://github.com/lautr3k/RepRap-iTopie/raw/dev/doc/iTopie_build_manual.pdf

This is a really nice design. I consider to tare down my prusa i3 and build this one instead. What kind of hotbed is it?

@Dennis_Gislum it is an MK3 http://reprap.org/wiki/PCB_Heatbed#MK3_ALU-Heatbed_Dual_Power and an BuildTak sheet on it http://www.buildtak.eu/.

When I first saw you posting this I thought that it looked a bit clunky, but now that you have it all put together I think that I may choose it for my next printer. I was just about to have the twelvepro version of the i3 cut for me here. My only concern is the Y idler pulley position. Is there any concern that the MDF will deform or fail there? I have never done an assembly like this with MDF and I assume it is the really dense kind but it seems like it could possibly be a weak point.

@Ryan_Hescock_Stanos you are right for the Y idler, this is a question I ask myself, only time will tell us, but I already have a solution if ever it is not strong enough. Thank you for your interest.

It wouldn’t hurt to laminate another layer underneath and just use a longer bolt to hold the bearing. If you were to embed bearings into the top and bottom layers that would also prevent the pully from shifting and changing angle from 90 and also spread the load in a way tge MDF would likely necer warp. Good work so far and I look forward to building it.