Originally shared by Sebastian Szafran Hello TinyG users,

Originally shared by Sebastian Szafran

Hello TinyG users,
May I ask you to see if you can reproduce this erratic behavior - see the link for details. Machine must be in Y0 when setting $2tr value.

I use the following TinyG firmware:
[fb] firmware build 442.04
[fv] firmware version 0.97

Yes, i’ve seen this issue for years. It only happens on config change, which is therefore rare for folks. I’ve handled it in the past simply by resetting TinyG after any config change.

Sebastian - From where did you obtain 442.04? Did you build it from GitHub way back when? Master = 440.20 is the ‘official’ release from Synthetos, I don’t believe I have seen mention of this for folks running 440.20. If you downloaded from somewhere, can you supply a URL?
It is likely this bug got lost in version confusion over the months(and now years).

I programmed this firmware long time ago in (~2015/16) via Chilipeppr Program Board Firmware, which points to http://synthetos.github.io/binaries/tinyg-edge-442.04.hex experimental. There is also 440.20 master available, but as I experimented with G2 a lot (gave up after autoleveling failures and many broken bits), I wanted experimental with G2 flavour.

I must say that I did not face any issues with this firmware, except Y axis going opposite direction reported here. It happened in the past and I remember that @jlauer already mentioned it is a kind of old issue.

As I know the workaround now (G0 Y0 or G0 Y-1 or RESET (thx John)) it is easier to keep it under control. Nevertheless that would be nice to have it sorted out in future release.

I still want to put my eye onto G2 again, but don’t have in circuit debugger to move any forward.

Thanks for link to 442.04. I have seen other parameter updates, in the spindle pwm area, that also benefit from JohnL’s suggested reset between parameter entry and usage.

Actually, Edge is now 449.01, has been for a while, if you are feeling edgy http://synthetos.github.io/binaries/tinyg-edge-449.01.hex

Thanks a lot Carl. I’ll program my TinyG tomorrow and see how it goes.