Originally shared by Ryan Weaving Today a made a 3D printed key for my

Originally shared by Ryan Weaving

Today a made a 3D printed key for my Mini just to prove it could be done. I was talking with a locksmith that was at my work today and was talking with him about how 3D printing technology would change his profession. I told him I could take a photo of a key and print a replacement using the photo as reference. He said it was impossible. Sounds like a challenge to me. Thirty two minutes later.

@Charles_Craig it does start the car. See video link. I don’t think it has a chip.

So did you use something like 123D Catch? Or since it was your own key did you just take measurements?

dude, awesome. Well done!
@Peter_Brandon_Dorm_L he probably just imported a photo into a CAD program and traced the pattern.

Amazing! I think I’m going to use this as the basis to an article, if you don’t mind.

I want to try this so bad.

Does a spoon also start the car? Old fords got like that eventually over here.

My dad used to start his mini metro with a spoon

That is Insane!

[joke] No I have the picture of your key and you said a printed copy works. My next question, is where do you live and what color is your car ?[/joke]

@luc_hanneuse Not so much a joke. Interesting and “dangerous” thinking.

Yeah but who posts a picture of their key when they know a new working key can be made from it? Asking for trouble. Good thing we’re all so pure of heart, here. :slight_smile:

I was just pointing that it’s good to share your discovery but ALWAYS think about showing all the details…

-“No subestimes el poder del lado oscuro, Luke…ggghhh”
(sorry, I don´t know how to tell this star wars phrase in english)

To add more stress. On your photos the fingerprints are extremely sharp.
You should remove those pictues. Or blur some areas.

Hey Ryan, impressive post. I have a question for you which quite specific. Say, you have a DICOM file (CT scan file) that represents a bone with a defect (the defect is basically a hole or any other shape in the bone. Is there a way someone can select only the defect area and convert it into an STL or other printable formats? the idea is to create scaffolds that match exactly the defect area.

This is somewhat related: http://eclecti.cc/hardware/physical-keygen-duplicating-house-keys-on-a-3d-printer

Rapidly-generated standard hardware store keys based on their codes.

You wouldn’t want to rely on a 3D printed key day-to-day - they’re soft and fragile, and are likely to break off and jam in a lock. But in a pinch, it’s a trick that could come in a lot of handy.

The mini definitely has a chip in the key, but the range was oddly high, as I recall. If you had your “real” key with you in the car when you started it, that’s probably good enough. Also, if memory serves, the car would start without the chip, but it wouldn’t run for long.

Hey, you inspired me to see if I can copy a aka ani- lockpick pad-lock. It turned out pretty good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxpwOJScBLg

@Bartosz_Barlowski that is really cool.