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Originally shared by René Jurack

Well, thanks for the passion Petra :grin: #fillamentum #extrafill #vertigostarlight

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DId they come straight from Fillamentum (I’m guessing so, given the Fillamentum logo on the “packed with love” sticker). I buy mine from a 3rd party here in the UK and they’re always shipped inside a second box, with padding.

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@Jon_Gritton straight from Fillamentum, yes. The spools were packed with a huuuuuuge amount of cushion, but nothing is tough enough for a german GLS-driver. I assume, he stomped on the parcel for as long as I needed to get to the front door :wink: #justGLSthings :see_no_evil:

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And for me, personally: I am fine with shipping the spool just in its own box, like extrudr does it, for example. Saves the seller time and money, saves a bit on the environment, and saves me from the hassle of unwrapping and the paperwaste afterwards. Until now, nothing bad happened in that case.

(Jon Gritton) #5

I’m fine with it too, usually, I’ve just had a filament delivery from Amazon that shipped in the filament box alone, though Amazon doesn’t work the same way as most postal services.

One advantage to extra boxing is that I can then use those boxes for shipping parts, so they still get recycled.