Originally shared by Rashid Al-Haqbany My print Robot Gripper almost don Need to add

Originally shared by Rashid Al-Haqbany

My print Robot Gripper almost don
Need to add motor to control the arm
And also I wanted to make many manual control.

As soon finish designing I would be sharing the STL file :slight_smile: at http://thingiverse.com

Would be awesome to put some conductive foam in there for pressure sensing applications: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/conductive-foam-sensor

Thank you , i try that , i be posting my STL soon as i need to develop this to be working and controlled by mac or windows

Might I suggest an Arduino? Or if you are more familiar with electronics build or purchase a custom board.

Very cool

Very nice design, now I need to print the rest of the robot and program it to make tea :smiley:

But I design it to make a coffee and beer

here is the link for downlode

Robot Gripper its amazing very accurate gripper you can add motor to control it , ready to print tested with makerbot


Information about the JOB :

I think this is perfect print for the amasing 3D printer My MR2 “Makerbot Replicator 2” with only 5% infill , number of shells 2 layer hight 0.30 mm , resolution - Low fast * after few tuning i made for the extruder and cooling fan and heat comes from the top of the Nozzle , and create solution for the plat to be level perfectly with 0.10mm in 6 digital sensors level location built in the plat , The Instruction will reveal after the completion of the experment and testing , this achievement reveal to me the possibility of achieveing the smooth perfect print ! i have attached pic of extruder part that i have print after the modification , the outcome was so smooth line very hardly to be since or clear to the eye , you need to focus to se the print line,

also here is The Robot Gripper files can be download it from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:236777 with instruction