Originally shared by Patrick Ryan Well, damn.

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Originally shared by Patrick Ryan

Well, damn. I started to do my @Printrbot Maker upgrade and discovered I have no delrin nut for the Z-screw - neither one came with the kit, nor did my previous incarnations of the Simple use one. Not only that, I didn’t realize that the metal upgrade wasn’t an XL print bed. What a mess…

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Sorry to hear! We can send a free Delrin acme no problem. The wide format bed is available alone or with the xl upgrade. I’ll check out the product pages to see if we can provide more clarity.

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@Brook_Drumm Cheers mate. The XL bed issue is my fault entirely - it didn’t even occur to me that there are two versions of the Simple out there now. I just kind of assumed my XL was the way everyone was doing it these days, and didn’t pay enough attention when ordering. Looking at how it’s going together, it seems like the only requirement for a larger bed is the longer bed support rods (which I already have) and some longer belt, huh? And is there any reason I can’t use my tall rods to get the extra build height even without the wide bed?

(Brook Drumm) #4

To add height to the z axis, Longer rods and acme. At some point, it would need bracing. Especially if you were printing really fast.