Originally shared by Patrick Ryan Got halfway through modifying my Printrbot  Simple with the

Originally shared by Patrick Ryan

Got halfway through modifying my @Printrbot Simple with the Build Volume Upgrade Kit (http://printrbot.com/shop/printrbot-simple-build-volume-upgrade/) and realized I have no 10" smooth rods for the print bed. I think people with “standard” Simple’s must get 10" vertical rods that were intended to be repurposed for the print bed in the build volume upgrade, but my beta had 8.5" verticals. So no new print bed for me, yet. Tall, though - really tall. Over 14" to the shelf at the top where a small spool can ride on bearings. Should be able to print nearly 7" high components without too much difficulty. And the tall tower kit that I installed at the same time seems to add quite a bit of torsional rigidity. I think it was worth having to reposition my board to the inside for. Just wish I could upgrade my bed…

That looks like a nice upgrade!
I finally got mine printing well. Turns out that I wasn’t printing too hot, I was over-extruding. Lowering the temp led to other problems. Upped the temp and added a piece of glass, and all is well!

Seems like it will be a nice upgrade - basically doubling the limits for two of the three axes and bringing my build volume up to about 3.5 litres. I’m still working on refining my extrusion, too. Although it’s calibrated properly (as in, when I say extrude 10mm, 10mm of filament actually runs into the extruder) and the filament diameter is set properly, I still seem to overextrude. Particularly on infills, I find I have to apply a flow correction of ~ 0.7. Have to figure out what I’m doing wrong…

Heh. I’m still discovering new settings! I’m printing some glass holders right now to replace the temporary binder clips.

@Patrick_Ryan try the e step calibration in

@Eric_Moy Isn’t that just to get you in the ballpark, with the expectation that you measure/compare actual extruded length to commanded and calibrate? My extruded length is bang-on commanded: if I send a command to extrude 10mm, 10mm of filament runs. I’d say I’m no more than 2% off there - certainly doesn’t explain the necessity of a gross 30% reduction via the flow tweak value.

You’d think so, but the method you are using works for the initial rough setting. Your reasoning is completely rational, but I have a similar issue that was only solved after tweaking with a solid infill calibration cube. I don’t get it either, but it seems to work