Originally shared by Nathaniel Stenzel Well,

Originally shared by Nathaniel Stenzel

Well, I am needing to swap out rod ends for my printer one by one and I need to double check to make sure they all can move in the full range of motion, but I am getting back in the groove. I have a Y connector printed and a pi case printing. I may need less of a flow percentage.
Any advice for using Y connectors with Octopi? I only have one hotend at the moment. Will I need to open up Cura on the laptop to adjust my profile and export it again? I imagine so, especially if I want to make use of recent coolness.

Do I need to mess with the firmware again to implement the dual feed tube?

I guess this is relevent to my situation since I have a Rostock Max v1 with Repetier.

I did not read through it yet.

I neee to double check when fully awake. It may be for blending and not one at a time.