Originally shared by Mike Miller The Sinclair ZX10 of the printing age?

(Mike Miller) #1

Originally shared by Mike Miller

The Sinclair ZX10 of the printing age?
(You whippersnappers might not know, but when Ataris and Commodores were going for $400 to $800, a nutbar from the UK brought out a personal computer for $100. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZX81)

The m3d making records on kickstarter seems like it’s cut from the same cloth. One of the things I hadn’t seen yet in the hype was a plain document explaining their goals and methods. There’s definitely some interesting stuff here, but like the $100 Personal Computer, it’s build volume is a bit smaller than I’m interested in at this time.)

Here’s the whitepaper: http://www.printm3d.com/M3D-The_Micro-How_We_Did_It.pdf

(Ben Delarre) #2

So I see they have this micro motion sensing chip in the print head. Anyone got any idea how that will work?

If its just an accelerometer I can’t see how it can pull off auto levelling but maybe I am missing something?

(Tim Sills) #3

talking about taking a stroll down really old memory lane. never had a Sinclair (friend did), but I had the Vic-20 :wink: and yup, kind of feels like old times now I think about it when using my Simple.

(Ben Delarre) #4

Anyone made their printer make that lovely heart warming loading sound yet? brrr bzzzz beeep kadang kadang kadang… :wink:

(Clint O'Connor) #5

Still have a ZX81 here… and the Frogger game tape…

(Brian Renninger) #6

I had a zx81 souped up to 16k. Oh, yeah.

(Doug Rector) #7

TI99-4a here - whoppin 4k ram - cassette tape storage -

(Neil Darlow) #8

@Mike_Miller To call Sir Clive Sinclair a “nutbar” is a little unkind. He is a true visionary.

(Mike Miller) #9

I seem to recall he had fingers in a portable TV and vehicle with three wheels…nutbar doesn’t have to have negative connotations, perhaps mad scientist would have been a better choice of phrase.

(Jo Bigger) #10

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum, with the tape deck (remember that noise!) and the printer with narrow paper. Fabulous. Followed by an Amstrad, possibly a 1512, then a Mac Classic, then back to windows and long string of non classics!

(Jo Bigger) #11

@Gareth_Owen Does it still work, do you have Daley Thomson, Frogger or Hungry Horace?

(Jo Bigger) #12

@Gareth_Owen Oh my goodness, I remember the skiing one :slight_smile: Don’t remember the gun though! Good old days of the tone of the tape. I always wanted a Quickshot 2 for my ZX. Very sadly, its all gone, my mum had a loft clear out and took it all to the tip :frowning: Should have taken it with me!