Originally shared by Mauro Manco (Exilaus) Happy Xmas my friends :)

Originally shared by Mauro Manco (Exilaus)

Happy Xmas my friends :slight_smile:

know please i study it too :P…i’m not a monkey.

and currenly just cut all bends with tnuts :smiley:

hahahah don’t warry is part of game :smiley: gogo go…need take this allumininum plate…thief for demostration…but is for other project

i buy custom allu plate for right print area
rember i use 8mm rods…

Hey, I saw this earlier today while I was work and was wanting to make something similar but I can’t get on the google docs entry now. Do you have a copy you could email me or is there another place where you have the document online?

Christopher sorry Shauki decide to leave to google i stay to recover it in quadrap group.
i try to continue and reconsturct all info loosing with this action.
please wait…in case make more photo or my …

Awe… I knew I should have downloaded it and emailed it to myself when I had the chance

Mauro, this is such a loss. Shauki seems to have decided to remove himself from the Internet altogether! His blogspot blog is gone as well…

igor if delete google account…delete post mail and all g+ post :op don’t warry QR continue to live.

well, QR is one thing but I am worried about the author himself. Let’s hope he sees this thread and knows there are people who wish him well and have a profound respect of his knowledge and ingenuity.
And wish him Merry Christmas!!!
Aaaaand to everyone else around, Mauro and everybody else - do enjoy your holidays. For us Christmas happens a bit later, but the mood is already festive :slight_smile:

don’t warry Shauki now sure stay better;)