Originally shared by Mauro Manco (Exilaus) Don't know if visible but max are 2.1kg


Originally shared by Mauro Manco (Exilaus)

Don’t know if visible but max are 2.1kg …but now I destroy my Bic gear :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, but after I tapped the stepper motor axis and arranged a way to compress the flint spiral axially, I didn’t had any more damage. I think it’s a necessity in the case of the flint. Other lighters do have a more solid flint (massive, not “filament” based), but the internal diameter is too small to fit on a stepper axis.
I had some success in getting the used rolls of a bicycle chain (four at the bottom, two on top).
I’m certain you can reach easily 5 kg or more using this technique.
I also think that a slow rise in load is better for the health of the flint. Dynamic load => Kaputt. Thanks for reporting. Other than this any difficulty?

One more thing: In the picture it seems you’re pretty maxed out on the thread. Were you experiencing any slippage before to have gone that far?

Related to benchmark values, you probably know the following reference:

i close in last…after break bic for try a last chance…
surely is first test from n…can report only some diffucut when need change filament no really fast carghe/remove driver…

0,835g photos with volt driver is stuck .

@Mauro_Manco Also, from the main picture above, it looks like it’s really tight (too much pressure on the flint). Ideally, the gap between two halves should be constant (parallel).
The metal axle could also remove some of the flex required to absorb filament irregularities… I don’t have a scale as you do, but I think I’ll try to do some comparative tests. Which extruder speed did you chose to perform them?

i use simple sketch regulating with a pot…(use it for my home made 3d pen…) and no know velocity but around 3mm sec