Originally shared by Markus Osmers (mo22) Project synergies?

Originally shared by Markus Osmers (mo22)

Project synergies? http://go.farmbot.it
As I supported the openfarm.cc crowdfunding campaign while it is a open source platform for plants and all about growing etc. they planed also the whole platform open source with an open API also.
That is while they first come up with the idea of a CNC-bot that would sense and work out the garden while giving live data to a cloud service that will help make decision about what to do in different circumstances. Like watering, or seeding automatically just in time.

They recently launched the web platform at openfarm.cc where you can take a look.

Now the other part of the project, called “farmbot” is also in development and can be found here:
So while this is an CNC-bot and I thought may someone from the RepRap would be interested in that project too I just wanted to note this project.
I just do like the idea and wanted to share it.