Originally shared by Marcus Wolschon This one looks like an interesting idea.

(Marcus Wolschon) #1

Originally shared by Marcus Wolschon

This one looks like an interesting idea.
Would love to see that integrated into the hot-end or extruder with software support.

(Adam Steinmark) #2

Saw this. Considered it as a low cost alternative to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mosaic3d/the-palette-3d-printing-evolved. It seems only effective at coloring white or translucent filament or changing the shade of colored filament. Also it doesnt color the filament automatically so attempting to do complicated dual color prints with a single tool head and this would be nearly impossible. Still if you can live with the extremely limited capabilities the cost for the 16 color model is not bad at all.

(Marcus Wolschon) #3

You can improve on the idea.

(Adam Steinmark) #4

@Marcus_Wolschon can you elaborate?

(Marcus Wolschon) #5

Integrate CYMK or RGB ink tanks into a hotend. Then enhance the machine software to be able to mix colors. Then enhance the slicing software to produce commands for it. Then enhance it to allow file formats that support colors. (and arcs/circles/splines instead of polygons too)

(Adam Steinmark) #6

The ink has extremely limited capabilities. Let’s say you make all the proposed enhancements (glossing over the numerous problems that would be caused by mounting ink tanks to the hotend assebmly). Even if you’re content with only buying white or translucent filament, you still won’t get the vibrant colors you get when liquid plastic is dyed. Additionally there’s the concerns of what this ink might do to your hotend, is it safe for the ink to be at 240+ degrees, will the ink affect bed and layer adhesion, and what will cause the ink to run? There are just too many things wrong with the fundementals behind this to warrant much further development when there are much more effective options already on the market.

(Marcus Wolschon) #7

Worked well enough with Perma-Markers up to now. It doesn’t have to be at the hotend. The extruder is enough.

(Adam Steinmark) #8

@Marcus_Wolschon All we see is a short video and several pictures. We don’t know the flaws but it wouldn’t be hard to speculate. The problems mounting ink tanks to the hotend assembly wasn’t primarily heat. Mounting the ink tanks will greatly increase the weight of the extruder/hotend assembly causing motor failure at high speedsa and jerk at mid speeds. Even if you print slow, the build are would have to be decreased so the ink tanks don’t slam into the sides of the machine.

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@Adam_Steinmark that’s why you could mount it to the extruder instead of the hot end.
In a bowden assembly the extruder doesn’t move.

(Adam Steinmark) #10

@Marcus_Wolschon That would only work with bowden setups and the ink would get all over the inside of the teflon tube.