Originally shared by K It's working! A big thanks is due to Alex Krause

Originally shared by K

It’s working! A big thanks is due to @Alex_Krause and @donkjr for all of the help they’ve given in getting this thing up and running, as well as everyone else who’s chipped in and helped me out. I’m still working on getting used to LaserWeb3, but at this point any issues are all user error. My next step is to build my control box (which is what it’s engraving right now), then I want to either have an adjustable motorized head or a motorized Z table.

My setup: Upgraded bed to 260 Y, 575X using 12mm linear profile rails. Azteeg X5 Mini controller, LO PSU. I’m currently using a Mac to run LaserWeb3, but I just need to work through some issues with my RPi, then I want to go headless.