Originally shared by Josh Azevedo Clear abs with smoothing.

(Thomas Sanladerer) #1

Originally shared by Josh Azevedo

Clear abs with smoothing. Someone asked about clear and and smoothing. I had this guy laying around that was my first print in abs. Failed on the top had a small hole. Vapor smoothed about 30/40 seconds.

(Don Tuininga) #2

Those look fantastic!

(Louise Driggers) #3

That’s worth investigating. Thanks for posting this.

(Tim Sills) #4

I hadn’t seen clear prints before, they’re surprisingly…clear.

(Stephen Baird) #5

I can’t comment on the original post, unfortunately, so I may never get an answer… But what sort of clear ABS is this? I looked into it once upon a time, and there are a few standard formulations for it that aren’t quite just ABS, but I never got to the point of playing with the different options to see which would give the best transparency effects.

(Thomas Sanladerer) #6

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(Peter L) #7

I will try this today, I have some failed clear abs part to test on.
Looks good.

(Jon Caywood) #8

Top secret clear ABS or something currently available?

(ThantiK) #9

@Jon_Caywood , it’s available out there. I was introduced to the stuff as “MABS” by @Whosa_whatsis a while back. Just google “Clear ABS”. It’s not typically listed as MABS anywhere.

(Chris Lane) #10

Makes me wonder if decent glass lenses could be printed using that material (I’m no expert on refraction, etc. though)