Originally shared by John Lauer ChiliPeppr sending to TinyG and Arduino simultaneously to do


Originally shared by John Lauer

ChiliPeppr sending to TinyG and Arduino simultaneously to do laser cutting.

(Dat Chu) #2

Man. Your setup is great. When am I gonna get the multicam widget? :slight_smile:


It’s there now. Just run the macro I ran in the video.

(Daniel Joyce) #4

Is there a reason real source control is not being used for this? It seems weird that it apparently pulls stuff from jsFiddle, etc. JsFiddle is not guaranteed to be permanent. Why not a github repo?


Yes, there’s one major reason. ChiliPeppr is all about the community extending it. JSFiddle makes that 10x easier for a user to see another user’s widget, play with it, get sucked into it, modify it, fork it, and publish a new and better one. That also doesn’t preclude using Github. However, ChiliPeppr has some degree of its own source control. Each time a JSFiddle is loaded through Google App Engine it stores a copy permanently of the file. JSFiddle is guaranteed to be permanent, but even if JSFiddle disappears off the planet, ChiliPeppr maintains a copy. If a user wants to use Github, that’s fine too. Dat Chu is using Github for his laser widgets. The only downside is its harder to play with Dat’s widgets since the source code is not interactive. The best solution would be a combo of Github and JSFiddle, but that will be a work in progress. You gotta start somewhere.

(D Rob) #6

@jlauer would you be upset if @Daniel_Joyce put up a github fork for you?


I would not be upset at all. That would be fine and cool at the same time. I love Github. It’s been amazing for changing how we publish source code, bug track, and maintain wikis. ChiliPeppr is trying to go beyond the standard way of doing things, so its ok that ChiliPeppr is taking a new/fresh approach. The reality is, the JSFiddle technique is working. There are a lot of people now modifying ChiliPeppr. I believe if everything was forced to Github this wouldn’t be happening right now.

(Daniel Joyce) #8

JsFiddle guaranteed to be permanent till beta. No decision has been made on how long they will kep things when they exit alpha status.


@Daniel_Joyce Just to put your mind at ease, ChiliPeppr storing your files as it proxies them through to http://chilipeppr.com was a first step towards automated updating of Github. Every time a ?forcerefresh=true is issued, which is done often by developers, would upload the new files to the http://github.com/chilipeppr/tinyg or the appropriate workspace name inside Github. We’ll get there. This project is only 16 weeks old.

(Riley Porter (ril3y)) #10

PDA… @jlauer is my BFF. He knows it.