Originally shared by Jerrill Johnson

Originally shared by Jerrill Johnson

Wow. Did it take many tries to get a successful print, or is the nozzle a very successful experiment?

It took about a week and a half to dial in the slicer settings. However, I have it down now and I printed the parts one after the other without any problems in the end. How I prep the bed for the build ends up being very important. I use polyimide tape on a heated bed washed in a very thin (and I mean very thin) ABS/acetone mixture.

Are you selling those hotends? That is nuts resolution.

The hotend I’m using is a stock 3 mm Ubis hotend that ships with the Printrbot. I’m fabbing my own nozzles for them though and selling them on my website http://www.jerrill.com.

Wow, 3mm down to a 0.15 nozzle has got to have some major back-pressure.

Yes it does! But so far so good. One thing I’ve noticed is that you have to have a very well made hobbed bolt to keep the filament from slipping. I had one with dull teeth and it didn’t work all that well. The latest one I got from Printrbot is great - super sharp teeth! It never slips unless I plow the hotend into the bed while printing. The other thing I noticed is that the teflon tape between the hot end and the nozzle needs to be in good repair or you start leaking molten plastic around the threads of the nozzle.

Wow Jerrill awesome size and quality, very surprised it works and doesn’t break apart. Good luck with those nozzle sales, they sure are quality.

This is amazing! Please try to make one for a rep2 :slight_smile:

very nice job!

Thank you!