Originally shared by iDig 3D printing So, due to a request,

Originally shared by iDig 3D printing

So, due to a request, we created a 3D printable triangle, you know the musical instrument.

The dimensions of which where part of our brief. But we have also included a tutorial on how we created it using @FreeCAD so you can create you own. It will also teach you how to extrude, or sweep a shape along a given path in Freecad.

SO have a go and print it out. We have no idea what sound you will get out of it as it will depend on the #3Dprinter filament you use and your #3Dprinting settings.


but wont it sound like crap … because you know … plastic

well not strictly speaking as it is solid, perhaps if you then melted it afterwards it would.

But yes I think the sound you can get out of it will be very variable depending upon material and printer settings. Or maybe you have a laser sintering 3D printer?

This was partly an exercise. We don’t expect it to replace manufactured triangles.

Please make one and record the sound it makes.

Our first one is currently printing.

Sorry, but poor modelling in the bended parts.

Well it seems to be printing out OK. But if you have any suggestions on how we could improve this we would be grateful if you could share.

Yes you are correct although and you see you can use it in lost wax casting. Now you can create any number of different musical triangles. In plastic it is a different sort of percussion instrument.

Dont really see the point. It would take me about 20 seconds to model this in fusion 360 or any other CAD app. Why post this?

Not everyone is @Johan_Jakobsson

Not too intimidating, but with enough strangeness and some challenge in printing. Maybe just the right ticket to motivate me to finally learn 3D and CAD.

We hope that you enjoy. if you get stuck get in touch.