Originally shared by Greg Nutt A new carriage is coming to you for the

Originally shared by Greg Nutt

A new carriage is coming to you for the Cobblebot, or any other 2020 rail printer use standard V wheels!

Features of this new carriage include:
Supports the Hexagon hot end
Dual fans; one for the heat sink, one for the print
Swappable accessory attachment; I will create a BLTouch attachment but will provide a template so that other probe attachements can be created.
Belt mounts provided; must use some type of clamp or tie to secure it.

It is not complete yet, but it will be soon. But you can see what it will look like here:

This item is now in BETA. The alpha version is installed on my printer and I’ve done a few tweaks. If you make one, please comment.

A dual head carriage design is now an option. It doesn’t have a probe mount (yet).

Just finished a 29 hour print with this print head, made with PLA. Works marvellously!!

Hi @Greg_Nutt - can you please share some photos of the printed part and how you have installed it.

It’s modular. The carriage is a straight replacement for the Cobblebot carriage. Mount the wheels hex head down. The mount is 2 door pieces which attaches to the carriage and needs to be heated a little to final form fit the hexagon in it, the second fan mount mounts on the side with the two holes. The other side of the carriage has holes for mounting custom items such as a BLTouch mount. There are printed pictures on the thingiverse page. Scroll right. Assembly instructions on thingiverse page. Assemble the wheels before you attach the print head assembly.