Originally shared by George Moore A few bits I've printed for my new 3dprinter

Originally shared by George Moore

A few bits I’ve printed for my new 3dprinter which if it works may turn into an opensource reprap offshoot type project

Looks good. Any idea what causes that slight brim on the bottom of your prints? I ask because I have the same issue.

@Doug_Augustyn Brim is a setting in Slic3r and I use it to help keep prints from warping or lifting off the print surface. Very useful if not essential when printing with nylon. Prints that are long on one axis will have a greater tendency to warp.

@William_Frick @Doug_Augustyn The brim you see in the pic is indeed a 2 loop brim set in slicer.I resorted to using it after lots of warped prints, not always necessary but for the sake of a few seconds and a little bit of filament a definite aid to fail free printing. It also helps quite a bit for prints with sharp corners.
@Doug_Augustyn i have had spreading on the bottom few layers previously, causes of which are a heated bed that is too hot or a first layer height that is too low.
The too hot heated bed can cause the bottom layers to not cool below glass transition quickly enough and thus spread over time.
A too low first layer print height will cause the first layer filaments to spread wider than their prescribed width as there is not enough vertical space under the nozzle for the amount of molten plastic that is being extruded.