Originally shared by Frank Herrmann New Device in my Workshop! A K40UIII Laser machine.

Originally shared by Frank Herrmann

New Device in my Workshop! A K40UIII Laser machine. Please check Photos and Video. Now i need a table for this. please ignore the pseudo table :slight_smile: One Question, please send me a link to change the Controller Board to GRBL or Smoothiboard. My special interest is the wiring from old to new and i don’t found good schematics, if you know please add a comment with link. many Thanks!

Haha, already here :wink:

@raykholo sells a drop in replacement Smoothieware capable board. Takes about 20 minutes to install and get up and running. This is the easiest way to upgrade the K40. Welcome to the K40 community!

For wiring information, check @donkjr 's blog @ http://donsthings.blogspot.ch/2016/11/the-k40-total-conversion.html

@donkjr has really documented the K40, and is an excellent source of information. Thanks for mentioning him @cprezzi

Agreed, get Ray’s Cohesion, it was trivial to convert compared to the first Smoothie conversion I did, and Ray is a techie who is excellent with people too.

BTW, where is your air exhaust? You do not want to breath that stuff.

welcome into our k40 community @Frank_Herrmann

C3D is the easy way (see links in about community): https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/116261877707124667493

grbl on smoothie: http://smoothieware.org/grbl-mode

Hi Frank
Is this the same Frank who supported LaserInk??

Below is K40 running the LaserInk software and firmware.

@funinthefalls Yes i ordered a C3D mini with GLCD Adapter, thank’s for ur advice.

@Nick_Williams Nope, this is the Frank from germany Founder of XATC :slight_smile: But Laserink looks intresting.

@Steve_Anken For the first tests i used my open window. But next i’ll get a thin mdf and some magnets will hold this on my Basement window :slight_smile:

Here is a cal test done with an unreleased modified version of grbl.
This head is moving at 300 mm/sec or 18000 mm /min.

I would have already released the firmware but currently it uses a special format for the high speed rastering functionality additionally archs have been removed to allow for code space.

Because of the special firmware the only way to get these kinds of speed is to use the laser ink software. It is my plan to share the software with community but work still needs to be done.
missing/deleted image from Google+

Additionally Paul de Groot has created a really cool drop in replacement board that will run grbl and my my firmware.

I have to recommend the Cohesione3D board

@Nick_Williams ​ nope it is a different one. I’ve still got the original laser ink, and it is still kicking. I use v carve for the engraving with a different post. This diode needs to die before I’ll upgrade.

Great to here from you Frank. Glad that this is still working so well.

Hopefully I will be making a few announcements to kickstart supporters soon. The big thing I have been working on is the ability to open multiple documents to create a single job. So with the new software you will be able to open and position save the setting to a project file, for multiple images and vector files. A new document type of text will also be added.

Additionally working to bring the software to the CO2 community.

@Nick_Williams If you do please work to get a post processor setup with Autodesk Fusion 360. They now support laser CAM.

@Nick_Williams & @Frank_Wiebenga Some words to my plan, yes i got the smoothiclone C3D mini, but i want to use the new grbl-lpc. Thats a GRBL Clone for the Smoothieboard LPC. I used this for my CNC3040 and i’m very satisfied with this firmware.

At the end i’ll use the laser with fusion360.