Originally shared by Frank Herrmann I'm proud to presents my new Solder Dispenser System

(Frank Herrmann) #1

Originally shared by Frank Herrmann

I’m proud to presents my new Solder Dispenser System with an auger pump. The results are close to perfect.

(Alex Paverman) #2

Very nice, congrats! I am interested to replicate your work with semi-liquid material trying to 3d print with molted wax.

In another train of thoughts, I wonder what kind of operations are you doing with the this CNC? I can see a “grosse spindel” mounted on a rather light framework…
I built a somehow similar open frame with yours, with steel rectangular pipes (much more cheap than aluminium profile and, of course, much less versatile) and I equipped it with a 400W spindle, being afraid of lack of rigidity. But looking at your implementations, I think I can use a more powerful spidle…

(Frank Herrmann) #3

Yes i’ve had good ecperiences with this big 1.5 KW china spindle. The only terrible work was to run the spindle and my USB connections fails in this moment. But after some changes and get a new Power driver the spindle works unbelivable. She has so much power, you can cut Alumimium as a kind of butter :slight_smile: Maybe you put a counterbalance on the opposite side from X-Axis header?

(Camilo A. C.) #4

Very nice! How do you program the pattern?