Originally shared by Frank Herrmann I'm proud to present my XATC V0.2.

Originally shared by Frank Herrmann

I’m proud to present my XATC V0.2. Without the expensive gator grips and better support for long endmills.

On the thumbnail for this video you see my improved design of the endmill Holder. The hole in the center has a diameter of 3mm and hold enmill’s with 3,.175mm (1/8") Diameter.

This is cool! One question: How repeatable is the positioning of the endmill? Since the endmills are free in the collet, and the ER collets move into the holder as it’s tightened, it seems it would be hard to get good repeatability. If I understand correctly, there’s no hard stop positively setting the Z-position?

Very cool!

@Patrik_Jonsson Please check this here in my log for this project: https://plus.google.com/+FrankHerrmann1967/posts/Bgz4ZjKtJXh

Now i plan to try make a Touchprobe after the toolchange and recalculate the offset to the first tool.

@Frank_Herrmann Ah, that makes sense. Do you have a sense for how long tool changes will end up taking?

@Patrik_Jonsson Now this is just a prototype and i use a slow Feedrate to analyze what is wrong and what works well. The video here are in realtime and you can see, to get an endmill need ~30sec and a complete change a minute. I’ll test to up the feedrate and we will see :slight_smile: