Originally shared by Frank Herrmann Hello Friends,

Originally shared by Frank Herrmann

Hello Friends, long time it was silent on this channel. Why? The answer, it was a big disaster. Short Story: I bought a new DC Controller from Pololu 36v15 and put him on my spindle, but the crazy guys from Pololu put one pin with Full Power (48V/8A) on the logic side. A mistake on my side connect this pin with the Ground pin of my TinyG. Result: Tinyg - done and of course the DC Driver was also gone :frowning: Here some Videos and Pictures from my new Catchframe and Carousel, i was so close to finish this project … man :slight_smile:

But ok, i called the synthetos guys and they want to help me, i’m very appreciated about this fact. A new tinyg and gquintic is on the way to me. Many Thanks @Alden_Hart , @Rob_Giseburt and @Riley_Porter_ril3y !

So for now, i was a lucky guy and it was possibe to test a new China DC Driver: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111299651973 … and it works great. But wait a minute, which board i can use? All my CNC Boards are gone, first i thought about an Arduino DUE with a cheap CNC Shield. But i dived in a google search and found a small diamond :slight_smile:

Here in my store was a MKS SBASE lying around, a china clone from smoothieboard … but i don’t want to use the smoothieware, a search at the Internet point me on a new Project from @Todd_Fleming … grbl-lpc ( GitHub - gnea/grbl-LPC ) . A GRBL that run’s on a LPC1769 (smoothieboard cpu) … and i want to give it a try.

It works great, but a lot of pins are deactivated at this time, for my experiments a change the code that the pins works together with my DC Driver, here my change on my fork:

It works, i needed a NPN Transistor to change the direction of the DC Spindle. On the last picture you will see my installation. The usps package is one the way (now in chicago) and after some days i have to installed everything new … stay tuned and i promise, keep going on this XATC :slight_smile:

Looking good Frank. Shame about the blow up with your tinyg.

If you like i can send you an bare PCB of my own DIY TinyG version (still Beta, but running)… You would need to solder all the parts on the PCB and programm the XMega.
You would also need external stepper drivers - there are none onboard.

@Edmar hey, that’s a nice idea. Please contact me via hangout.