Originally shared by Frank Herrmann Friends,

Originally shared by Frank Herrmann

Friends, I’m so happy here the first successful tool change!!! I’ll will explain everything next week in a video session.

Awesome job!


Frank did you evaluate the idea to cut the servo, and simple put a Pin on theperimeter of the Big wood whell and that pin will lock or unclock the ER11 tool totally mechanical ?

Nice work!


I say wow too. I think the rotation on the base circle holder is brilliant. I was wondering how you were going to do that part. Initially I thought you had a stepper in the base holder, but it’s just the movement on the X/Y axes that’s driving it. How did you even come up with that?

@jlauer Yeah, under the shower :slight_smile: If we have a carousel that pressend on the center threaded rod, then we can move the spindle back to the holder center and thats enough accuracy to repeat the process, but i have to improve this process, sometimes the position are wrong. But in theory, this will work :slight_smile:

Very nice job and a brilliant idea! I was wondering how you go about spinning the spindle and latching it with the servo… have you got a spindle that can go very low on rpm so that you can latch it while it is rotating or is it just a matter of synchronization between the spindle on/off and the servo?

Correct, i use a DC Controller to rotate the spindle in all directions with different speeds. Please check my last videos.

Frank, what holds the end mill in the middle of that gator grip such that it stands straight up? Did you make a plastic insert or something? Is it just gravity that has the end mill drop out or do you have like squeezing silicon/rubber inside the gator grip? Could you just use cheaper sockets rather than expensive gator grips?

He makes a 3d printed holder

Hello @jlauer , sorry for my late answer. Yes Jose it’s right, i use a 3d printed Holder, please check this video: https://youtu.be/oxQlgwqjuTQ The hole for endmill is very tighten and hold the endmill themself, the atc process press the (screwed) endmill in this hole and thats enough. I found some Gator Grips for ~$6.50: http://www.ebay.de/itm/401130412653?var=670668197291 i think thats very cheap, but i thought also about another solutions. 1.) Use hardrubber and press the collet in this rubber, maybe the power are enough to screw this thing. 2.) Use a hexagon nut and a small plastic frame with some foamrubber glued in a milled hexagon hole: https://plus.google.com/+FrankHerrmann1967/posts/FBHVydpnDMs