Originally shared by Diego Porqueras (Deezmaker) Abc news is interviewing me today on the

Originally shared by Diego Porqueras (Deezmaker)

Abc news is interviewing me today on the 3d printed gun thing. Anyone have anything witty I should say to that?

We used to typset letters on a press and print them. Now we do it with a computer. It doesn’t make the words anymore dangerous.

Can you mention that Cody Wilson is a poser? I like the spirit of the operation, demonstrating the practical limitations of lawmaking. And he has a reasonable level of skill in CAD, though I’m dubious of his ability to actually make a printer. But the guy is clearly an utter tool.

You might mention that it’s also easy to make a gun with a lathe and those have been around forever and are not regulated. There is no reason to worry about 3d printers.

You could also mention that getting guns past metal detectors can be done lots of ways. Just Google “Knife found on plane” and see what comes up. Lots of things (including people who haven’t been screened) make their way places by avoiding the detection attempts.

Please be careful with wording calling out how crappy our security is. You don’t want them to spin you into a terrorist :slight_smile:

When a kid falls out of a plane’s wheel well over Massachusetts after hiding in it in Charlotte, NC you do have to wonder what could have happened if he was up to no good (instead of just running away from home)

Channel 7 came and went, now channel 4 is here.

3d printers can print pointy sticks too…

You did it because it was the closest you could get to a loving and secure relationship with something.

@Whosa_whatsis where are you located?

The shop’s in Pasadena, California.

Sounds fun! Cheers.

Grats on the interview.

Why bother with a 3D printer when you can make one from a whiskey bottle, a walking stick and a lighter?

Wouldn’t you rather have talked about the revolutionary effects of low cost availability of prototyping technology and its potential for increased innovation? Stop fueling the gun control media monster.

Show them these two videos and ask them why they are focusing so completely on guns and not spending any time examining the huge potential 3D printing has for improving our qualify of life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT3772yhr0o and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoZ2BgPVtA0

I know the answer is that fear = ratings and ratings = revenue, but if they actually care then those are worthwhile stories.

Outlawing supply has always worked so well in our country’s past (prohibition, the war on drugs) that maybe we would do better to reduce the demand for any weapon-pressure cooker or 3D printed gun- by reducing the stigma and lack of availability for mental health care.

It is currently easier and cheaper to get a gun than to get a 3d printer.

Just bear in mind that the same technology can print asthma inhalers and water purifiers.