Originally shared by David Fuchs Most 3-D printers on the market today use a

Originally shared by David Fuchs

Most 3-D printers on the market today use a .5 or .4 mm diameter nozzle. This little 3-D printer, according to their website uses a .1 mm diameter nozzle. This nozzle diameter means a higher resolution. The great thing about this printer is its cost $299 US. That puts it in the almost anyone can buy this for home experimentation category.

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Printrbot states a resolution of <0.1 mm which I believe refers to accuracy in xyz motion. The hot end is a 1.75 mm ubis which comes with a 0.4 mm nozzle. These are no high-end specs.

@Stefan_Langemark I corrected that in the original post

Not sure how low the profit margin is on this thing, but it has to be very low. The design also looks a bit flimsy, just like all the PrintrBot designs.
Only $300 is not a high price, I pay just as much for a bunch of motors, electronics and hotend.

Blegh; this is simply the Printrbot Jr, which many people have expressed huge disappointment in. It doesn’t use a 0.1mm diameter nozzle. It CAN if you buy one from jerril, but so can others. This one simply lacks the folding mechanism of the Jr, and uses spectra line as belts.

Sounds like you are in luck Jeff. Of all the Printrbots I know, none of them are printing without troubles. And those are not even the Jr versions, but the larger more expensive ones.

What I’ve seen from them they are not “starter” level printers, are they require quite some knowledge end fiddling to get working. By setting the wrong expectation I’ve seen people “give up” on 3D printing.

Yeah I had this misguided notion that the Jr could be made to print as well as any other machine, and well it can if briefly. Once I made a bunch of changes to it, I did manage to run about 2 spools of filament through it with amazing results before it died. The new hotend design sucks and the feeder doesnt work well with 1.75mm filament. The whole reliability of the thing sucks… the tolerance on that gantry y axis is fairly loose now so even if I get the extruder back up I dont know how long it will last. It seems to work fine for some people but it is not a reliable beginners machine. I suspect this one is even worse. The vinyl tubing around the motor shaft and fishing line instead of a belt seems like a bad idea among others.

I ordered one to tie me over while waiting for my good printer. They had a special $250 price for the first 24 hours, then it goes up to $300. I figured I can always sell it when my good printer comes, and probably lose under $100.

I’ve found this printer some day ago. Can you tell me how are your experiences?
I thougt about this one to play around with 3D-Printing for scale modelling and some individual parts.
I Search a cheap Printer with Working-Range of round about 200x200x200mm and a layer-thickness of 0,1mm or less.
Is this printer really usable? Or should I better buy another one?

The other two Printers I have in focus:

Solidoodle (Pro Model $599)

MakeMendel (699$)

What do you thing about? Or do you know alternative printers which fits better to my intend?