Originally shared by D Rob Just bought the cyclops!

Originally shared by D Rob

Just bought the cyclops!

Nice! I was sitting there reading your post about your build of the dual extruder with a Cyclops printing away next me. It was hard not to say something!

Hope you enjoy it, it’s a really fun piece of kit.

@Sanjay_Mortimer1 ​​ Lol! It’s awesome work! I love it. Was i buyer 1? I set an alarm 2 minutes before the release clock ran out and refreshed the page on 01 seconds. Also the web page hates my phone. I can’t shrink it to fit and i have a huge note4. may want to check that. It’s the whole page.

@D_Rob Yup, you made it there first, but only just!
That’s interesting info, on the site - thanks for the data about the site and how it renders on your device me and @Joshua_Rowley will look into that.

Awesome! I’m number 1! Lol when do these ship?

Does the bug report get me the bounty? If so I’d like to add a 1.75 .25 nozzle in my shipment. I dropped my Hydra and damaged a nozzle :frowning:

thats really cool

So talk to us about em. The cyclops has a mix chamber? Does it have to purge to change colors? The dual nozzle lets you use different temp filament, right?

Yeah you need to use the wipe and prime tower to purge the nozzle between filament transition. Honestly if you’re dual extruding you’re probably using that anyways

The cyclops avoids that. I believe you can even do multi material simultaneously.

Not sure what makes you think that Rob. You could maybe do mixing depending on the heater block design, but if you want to transition filaments without getting off colors you’d need to purge it


This does: http://youtu.be/vmn7K1U06Wc

Just a small transition that can be done in infill. Appears to have a mechanism to rapidly cut off one side when not extruding

Check it out on http://www.e3d-online.com

I’m not familiar with a slicer that starts on infill. With enough perimeters you could get by with not using a wipe and prime, but the melted material left in the nozzle is what needs purging out.

no slicer…today. :wink:

Slic3r can do ‘infill first’ as an option, another mixing design mentioned that’s how they did their transition.

Apologies for the delay in Q&A - needed to go and eat.

Cyclops is not a mixing hotend. It is a switching hotend. You can switch colours really quickly and cleanly from a single nozzle. It has no mechanism by which to blend or homogenise the two input plastics.

Two plastics can be extruded simultaneously, but you will end up in most cases with what @Richard_Horne so aptly described a long time ago as “toothpaste” extrusion, whereby one colour is on one side of the extrudate and the other colour on the other side. Which is cool, but not true mixing.

@Sanjay_Mortimer will there be a mixing hot-end in the future? There’s videos of one further down your G+ page… And if so, would it be compatible with this heatsink/mounting/nozzles? (As in, upgradable to.)