Originally shared by D Rob igus Inc.

Originally shared by D Rob

@igus_Inc ​ 1050 lead screw’s with antibacklash nuts get a new x/y end! Upgrading the UL-T-Slot mkIII. MORE TO COME SOON ! This is the test fit which fit perfectly. I left openings for adjusting the backlash. Works better than i had hoped!. I just hope the pitch isn’t too aggressive or I’ll have top slap 40 tooth pulleys on the drive for x and y

Thats a really steep pitch on your screw - why did you choose that?

It was the only thing faster than what I’d use on z. I have 1204 on the bot now. Great for machining speeds. Have to use high microstepping and still not as fast as I’d like. So I’m trying these. I can always gear it down via the pulley that interfaces the motor while leaving everything else in place. Better than ball screw’s because they are self lubing and cheaper too.

Just to confirm - you looked to using a similar threaded screw + lock nut for X and Y instead of linear motion guided by pulley?

Yes. They are ages 50mm pitch 10mm od