Originally shared by D Rob Hail Hydra.

Originally shared by D Rob

Hail Hydra. Chop off one print head and 2 grow in its place! Included in the pics are a guide (step by step) to building the hydra air. Soon to follow the end of the Hydra Air testing I will introduce the Hydra Ice.

What is it? Air cooled e3d hydra?

technically not e3d though I have used some of their parts. I love their parts and hotends but I am not afiliated with them. This is and will be a hotend in and of its self. I call it the Hydra Air. Next comes the Hydra Ice!

Have you printed with it yet? I thought the hydra was water cooled by necessity - heatsinking that much power is a real challenge.

The Kraken is water cooled and has twice the hot ends as the hydra. The hydra will have 2 fans. No I have not yet printed it. First I will take a spare ramps board and test cooling with the fans and a spare thermistor to monitor the heat sink temp as well. when I am satisfied it can properly cool I will test print with it.

I like the fact that its got only 2 hotends… *4 is a bit to much… and using E3D v6 heads should be great… you have potential with that hotend… keep us updated. BTW, I showed your work to a local 3D printed company and they found it interesting. :slight_smile: