Originally shared by D Rob For everyone wanting to know how the UL-T-Slot is

Originally shared by D Rob

For everyone wanting to know how the UL-T-Slot is driven.

Are those Nema 14s on the X & Y?

Check the max travel to be safe. This goes to the corners (280mm max x/y) it also does some arc travels.


Print area will be in the vicinity of 300mmx300mm

@SirGeekALot ​ they are nema 17.78oz/in the machine is just that big :wink:

Why are they mount on the outside of the frame? Looks like there is space on the inside. Nice machine anyway :slight_smile:

When i enclose it i want my motors cool.

^^ Makes sense :slight_smile: Nice job

it is a low-speed solution i think… I try this, and i have jamming on high acceleration values.

This is a 50mm pitch nothing slow about it

Can this go as fast as belts + rods? How does cost compare?

@Liam_Jackson Say you have GT2 belt with 20 tooth pulleys, you get 80 steps/mm and with an arduino you can go to about 300mm/s before it stutters. With 50mm pitch on the screw it will be 64 steps/mm so speed should be as fast and maybe a bit faster.

@Jesper_Lindeberg interesting! I’m assuming xy resolution and backlash aren’t a problem then?

I can’t say anything about backlash, depends on the nut’s @D_Rob is using and if they have antibacklash. XY res is a bit less, but stil ok. I have 66,666steps/mm on my Mendel90 and it’s fine, can see any difference compared to my prusa with 100steps/mm.

These are anti backlash nuts that let you adjust a screw to remove backlash and are spring loaded. Check my posts.

Awesome @D_Rob , can’t wait to see movement!