Originally shared by Chris Purola (Chorca) It's finally coming together! It's been upsized to

Originally shared by Chris Purola (Chorca)

It’s finally coming together!

It’s been upsized to have 530mm Y rods and 680mm X rods. It’s designed for a dual extruder so the printer will actually be a fair amount wider than the bed, to accommodate two extruders on the X rods. It’s printable area will be 18"x18". Height is not yet determined… Though I may raise it up a bit in the near future.

My Sells Mendel (which printed all the blue parts) is in the middle for comparison.

(description copied from my Flickr page)

I can’t help but look at this picture and think “That is a really tiny Sells Mendel”. My brain doesn’t want to accept a printer this big for some reason.


I remember when the mendel was in the same stage and I was thinking it looked huge compared to the pair of cupcakes. very cool.

those floor tiles must be very large.