Originally shared by Brandon Satterfield Vectric users:

Originally shared by Brandon Satterfield

Vectric users:
If I add vectric products to a bundle do I add Aspire? Or is the pro and desktop sufficient?

I have Pro and like it. Lots of capability and easy to use. I would ‘like’ to have Aspire but it is too expensive! Since I am a hobbiest I can use Fusion 360 for free and it does everything. The Vectirc community has a lot of good information and is very responsive. Quite a few good tutorial videos as well. Vectric has a few other products you might consider adding that aren’t too expensive and can be bundled. If it doesn’t cost you anything to add Aspire (until you sell a copy) I guess I would offer it. Just my 2 cents worth. Chuck

I was curious about the Vectric software. I’m trying to get the owner of the Makerspace to buy the Makerspace version of V-carve Pro edition for Makerspaces.

Also, I was curious, Brandon, do you bother attending the trade shows for CNC industry, or is that just too time consuming?

Vectric is all CAD right?

You have to have a CAM program to generate toolpaths?

It is cad cam and generates the paths.

@Hobby_Fab I know what you are saying. I can only begin to imagine. It takes up too much time, but you can sometimes benefit…at least that’s what I’m told. Are there any specific affiliations that you are a member of that you’ve found to be especially helpful…not just a time/money hog?

@Hobby_Fab You don’t live anywhere near the Dallas/Ft Worth area do you? I’ve got to fly out there at the end of the month…I’m visiting my Mom, who lives in a nursing home out near Roanoke.