Originally shared by Bracken Dawson Went to a RepRep user group in Southampton today.

Originally shared by Bracken Dawson

Went to a RepRep user group in Southampton today. Was great to see some of the printers in Southampton that maybe like to hide more than others.

In order we have Leo from http://reprapkit.com 's Prusa i2, looks like the one from the front page actually. Sadly a slicing bug and some insane gcode killed his print.

Next is my own i2, I left it printing a simple whistle while I wandered around to talk to people.

I don’t know what the next printer is, or who it belongs to.

Next is an Aluminium Sumpod, which as is the way with Sumpods was not working. Once the bed wiring and a firmware quirk was worked out it got quite close to printing, just needs the accel/jerk dialling down and some practice with the bowden extruder now.

I don’t know what this is either.

Here’s an impressive dual extruder i3, the owner has just finished it. It was quite happily crashing into its endstops though, I don’t know if this puzzle was worked out.

Last is this beast, I don’t recognise the design but it is very big. We didn’t see it print but the octopus suggests it’s working.

Hopefully next time we’ll get a bigger room to spread out and get some more printers up and running in. I was nearly gonna bring along my i3 and Huxley though glad I didn’t as it was a little cramped!