Originally shared by Boian Mitov Just released Visuino - Graphical Development for Arduino -

Originally shared by Boian Mitov

Just released Visuino - Graphical Development for Arduino - 7_8_2_291 with ESP32 Bluetooth LE support and more…

Added initial Bluetooth LE support for ESP32 both Client and Server (Central and Peripheral)
Added TTGO-T4, TTGO-TS, and TTGO-T8 ESP32 boards support
Added Serial over Bluetooth LE Service
Added ESP32 Serial over Bluetooth LE Client
Added ESP32 support for MicroSD cards
Added Network Time(NTP) component
Added Added support for UDP Socket in the Internet Time component
Added Broadcast WriteWithoutResponse, Advertise and Indicate options for Bluetooth LE Characteristics
Added Square, Square Root, Log, Log10, and Log2 components
Added Get Available RAM operation for ESP32 and ESP8266
Added SPI1 support for ESP32
Added initial Peguino support
Added Auto Repeat Button component
Reduced memory usage by Integer To Analog, Unsigned To Analog, Text To Analog, Formatted Text, Contains Text, Text Starts With, Text Ends With, Debounce Button, Ultrasonic Ranger, Software Serial, Amplitude Meter, DHT11/21/22/AM2301, MQTT, Bluetooth LE Hearth Rate Service, and MicroSD cards components
Reduced memory usage by Get Available RAM operation
Reduced memory usage by Sockets
Reduced memory usage by the Ethernet and WiFi Shields and modules
Reduced memory usage by the Bluetooth LE
Improved ESP8266 and ESP32 WiFi support - reduced memory usage, added support for DNS2, improved DNS support, non blocking connect to access points
Improved I2C support
Improved HID Mouse support
Improved Schmitt Trigger support
Improved Play Frequency Tone component
Improved Black and White OLED and Nokia displays support
Some IDE Stability improvements

Updated version of the User Code Component is included in the Visuino Pro version available in the G+ Community

Here is also the updated Component Development SDK: