Originally shared by Andrew Bougie Just finished some 3D printer training.

Originally shared by Andrew Bougie

Just finished some 3D printer training. Printed these on a Projet 660Pro on Monday.

Model please!

wish I had a projet, I’m stuck with a printrbot, not bad though.

Wow, those are pretty awesome

Is it dual head or did you paint those?

I have always been impressed with the print resolution of the 3ds systems, but the plastic is terrible. it is brittle, has a low glass transition temp, and it in thin prints the layer adhesion is only okay. For making some things the FFF method is just better. This system i have not handled prints it has made.

@Robert_Hirsch @Camerin_hahn The ProJet 660 is a powder based printer with full CMYK color printing. I printed, sanded a little, and dipped in the 3DS ColorBond (superglue). No painting necessary! These have the feel and weight of clay or rough ceramic. With additional steps, they could even look shiny like plastic or metal, depending on the process you use.

Nice. How much do those run?

The printer? I think it’s about 60-70k for the 660.

@Camerin_hahn If you ever get a chance, try it out. You can print some amazing things with this method.

So jealous right now.

A friend of mine has one. He showed me a colored printed bearing and I tried to turn it, instead it just crumbled into a million pieces. Nice to look at - only.

@Bruce_Jackson You make a good point. These printers output concept models. That said, it probably wasn’t infiltrated or finished properly. The bearing model works great when infiltrated with their ColorBond. Straight out of the printer though, they will crumble if you are not careful. They do have a StrengthMax infiltrant as well that makes the models much stronger.

Yeah, my pla prints in a shape like that i can literally through it at the wall at 5% infill and 2-3 perimeters. I use them as screw drivers, gears and card boxes. the model is usable when you take it off. in my experience, the 3Ds prints are look but don’t touch. with the hobby level printers, they don’t look as nice, but you can abuse the crap out of them.

Where did you get the model? That looks like a great quality one!

@Cassidy_S I’m not sure who made the model. It was one of the many provided by the instructor for testing the printers. It may habe come from http://grabcad.com