Originally shared by Alex Krause

Originally shared by Alex Krause

Excellent video. Will the gantry rotate up and to the left to get to the x endstop?

Concerning that the belt teeth wore out so quickly.

@SirGeekALot ​ I have had alot of hours on this and had a few oops moments when I first setup laserweb with endstops and an error that I found in LW when an object was imported to the upper left when I first started I had some over travels where the head got stuck and the steppers kept running

Ahhh…ok, they got chewed up.

@Alex_Krause how did u stop the over travel l have the same problem

@Er_Brad ​ you are still experiencing over travels?

Yes still wants to goo outside the bound

Are you running smoothie or grbl board

Smoothie and add on board from scott

Can you post a copy of your config file on Google drive or onedrive