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Originally shared by Alberto Valero Gomez

Sunrise, an open source DLP Printer (work in progress)

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(Carlton Dodd) #3

I totally read that as, " Surprise! an open source DLP Printer…"

(Olivier KUNTZ) #4

interresting but the Optoma ML750 is very expensive…

(Brad Hill) #5

I’m assuming the ML750 was modified for a UV led? Do you have any info on that? Nice job.

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I let you folks know as soon as I get one for testing (@Alberto_Valero_Gomez do I get one? Please Boss?)

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Get? Make it! You have the sources, what else do you need?

(Nils Hitze) #8

@Alberto_Valero_Gomez the projector and the resin please

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@Brad_Hill Here’s a post from buildyourownsla forum where he mentions what his mod was. http://www.buildyourownsla.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4062&p=12606&hilit=optoma+ml750#p12606 There is a spacer design in the dev branch in the src folder for the projector hack that he uses to adjust the focus.

There are others that work out of the box (see the above site for more info) though when using a home theater DLP the cost is going to be about US$600 for the device. What will open these devices up is to be able to get a DIY DLP kit that has just enough features for what the printer needs.