Originally shared by Aglef Kaiser Laser Pico-projectors and scanner:

Originally shared by Aglef Kaiser

Laser Pico-projectors and scanner: Bosch BML050

This year Bosch provide a new fantastic sensor which make it possible to project a picture with three color laser and two mirrors. The mirrors are like the mirrors in a DLP projector. Very robust.
The product is also developed for IoT and toys. I hope that the price will be low. I’ll try to get one BML050. I have written an email to Bosch, but got no response for about two weeks now.
My idea is, to put the BML050 beside my CNC mill spindle and scan the workpiece with the clamping claw. One possibility is to use that 3D scan to check my CNC path on my computer, the other possibility is to project on top of my workpiece the milling path. With help of the 3D information the projection will be on the right place and is not distorted. It’s a little bit like the light shows works on buildings fronts. They use the 3D information to project pictures and other special effects to make a perfect illusion.
With help of the CNC path projection you can see, if you will run in you clamping claws. I think this must be possible with LinuxCNC and ChiliPeppr.

How does that grab you?

You would have to incorporate the result into your g-code. I suggest to use a mechanical 3D probe tool instead as they can be used to set coordinate offsets and coordinate system rotation for the path that follows. Also laser scanning is susprisingly difficult to get working properly (I have build 2 such scanners) and they don’t like dusty environments with difficult lighting situations.