Originally shared by Adafruit Industries So! Here is your chance Adafruit community (and beyond!)!

Originally shared by Adafruit Industries

So! Here is your chance Adafruit community (and beyond!)! Post up in the comments of what is important to you, we’ll make sure they’re listening. We’ll even help get this started. We’re looking for constructive actionable requests and comments, be excellent.


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Are you going to ask about the recent animosity toward MakerBot by the maker industry? And what they will do to fix it?

Things like MakerBot policy of trying patenting open-source works. Last year there was a rash of patents on community innovations such as minimalist mk7, ufids, auto leveling, and many others.

Taking a project you built and close sourcing it is a personal choice. Knowingly applying for patent on the works of others is a crime. I used to be indifferent toward MakerBot, now I am against.

@Camerin_hahn what suggestions do you have for them.

@Adafruit_Industries ​​​​ ?? In what respect.

Patent issue: 1: check thingiverse for prior art. If it is questionable error on the side of the maker. 2: because mbi comes from the open-source innovation (designs were based on reprap) publicly state that all mbi (not stratisys patents) are license free for open-source competitors (that is why mbi is were it is).

As for the failing components a proper dve test pass would help.

For the price… I think it is unreasonably high.

Why not the renaming of MakerBot to TakerBot? Why is the smart extruder such kind of bad engineered piece of hardware? Why is it not possible for this company to go back to the roots and make their products open source again? Why is the reliability so bad?

@Chris_Czogalla what specific suggestions do you have for them?

@Adafruit_Industries i think they should build a new extruder design that can fit the e3d and j head hotends.

I would like to hear how they plan to move past the gen 5. Not the normal “why does your printer suck” questions. But more of around what they are going to do to change the culture of makerbot both the brand and the workspace culture.

The whole thing revolves around how the 5th gens were rushed and brought to market with known issues. And how the company pushed employees to the point that I’m not even sure they cared they were bringing a bad product to market. Glassdoor.com shows a lot of what I’m talking about but I’ve personally talked to people who back the stories up.

So 2 questions

  1. What do you plan to do to fix the internal culture of your company.
  2. What do you plan to do to fix your reputation with the maker community that is your customer base.

@Adafruit_Industries also open sourcing all the software and products would be a good move.

Come on… You are not really thinking that MakerBot is in the Maker’s or 3D Printing community welcome? I don’t like it, that you are involved in this interview with TakerBot.

@Chris_Czogalla 3D printing is only another part of the maker community. It is not the basis of the maker community nor does it define the community. Over the last couple of years we’ve been working out of 5 maker/hacker space in three states. While there is an interest in 3D printing, other methods and processes are as popular and in many cases more popular than 3D printing. For example CO2 laser cutting and engraving, wood working and metal fab.

It’s disingenous and arrogant to claim that most of the maker community is against Makerbot. The reality is most likely don’t care or have any sort of opinion. A small percentage of very vocal opponents creates an environment were it seems that there is more friction. A small group from the DIY/open printer movement has strong anti Makerbot feelings. There are good reasons not to like the product. Relatively high cost, inconsistent performance and spotty quality. The patent issue is problematic though I see the Makerbot move from open source in the same way I see other name brands claiming their designs NC and open.

@Chris_Czogalla I am with @dstevens_lv . I am not happy with makerbot, but most people (including makers) don’t know about the issues we have had with makerbot. To the outside world (and actually me included) the #takerbot campaign is super childish. It looks like a few people throwing a fit.

I think Makerbot will have to change their name to get out from under the bad press. Profiting off the open source movement and then not giving back is not forgivable. I spread the word to every potential 3d user to not support Makerbot, ever. Makers are a small community but we have a lot of influence with our networks.